Choosing the right team for your next research project is incredibly important. Our dedicated crew of experts is adept at fulfilling even the most difficult client requests.

Linda Giniewicz

Senior Vice President

Linda Giniewicz is Senior Vice President of Q-insights and the driving force behind the team. She began her tenure in 2002 as Director of Operations, and has dramatically increased the revenue, scope and quality of this fast growing division of ISA. Q-insights has expanded into an industry leader for quantitative and qualitative data collection, offering new, innovative methods, resulting in a growing niche of face-to-face and Hispanic data collection. Linda began her career in marketing research in 1994 with Field Management Associates as its Research Director. Part of a large Q-insights contingent of Buffalo, New York transplants, Linda attended college at Buffalo State University and is a graduate of Troicare and Erie College. Linda is married to her creative director husband Jeff and is the proud mother to Bethanie who has more energy than six normal human children.

Jamie Quider

Director of Operations

Jamie Quider is Director of Operations at Q-insights. She relocated to Los Angeles from Buffalo, New York in 2006 to join the team. Jamie delivers unsurpassed results executing large scale quantitative work and has earned a reputation for her success in Hispanic intercepts in unique locations. She brings energy and enthusiasm to all of her projects. Jamie attended Northeastern University and the University of Buffalo. In her spare time, you’ll find her at Cardio Barre, in spin classes, cooking or hanging out with her husband, Aaron Zyglis and family.

Oliver Moadel

Account Executive

Oliver Moadel is currently an Account Executive at Q-insights, with a specialty in automotive research and onsite projects. He began his market research career in 2001 as a mall Interviewer at Field Management Associates. He later held the role of Supervisor, in charge of managing mall studies and an interviewing staff. Oliver joined the Q-insights team in 2004 and worked his way up to the role of Field Director. Oliver holds an MBA and BS degree in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge. He is also fluent in Farsi and is semi-fluent in Spanish and Hebrew, adding to our multicultural expertise.

Lopy Williams

Director, CATI Facilities

Lopy Williams has been with ISA since 1994. His role was expanded in 2017 to oversee the QI Phone Room. Lopy is responsible for the day-to-day operations of ISA’s and QI phone facilities. This includes cost estimation and scheduling for telephone projects and the development of training programs for Data Collectors, Field Supervisors, Quality Assurance, and Field Managers. Lopy began his career in market research in 1989 with Diagnostic Research where he served in a variety of capacities, including training, field supervision, and field management.

Venessa Aguirre

Senior Project Manager

Venessa Aguirre, who joined the Q-insights team in 2001, is currently a Senior Project Manager. Her multi-faceted background, attention to detail and commitment to the team’s success are seen in how she manages her everyday responsibilities at Q-insights’ Universal CityWalk location. She enjoys managing qualitative research projects across the US. Her previous market research experience includes six years with Diagnostic Research as a field coordinator on national research projects as well as four years with ASI Entertainment managing national dial session studies testing television pilots and infomercials. Venessa and John are loving parents to a very animated daughter, Siena Rose, who keeps them on their toes when they are not at their respective jobs.

Aaron Zyglis

Senior Project Manager

Aaron Zyglis is currently a Senior Project Manager at Q-insights. He joined the company in July 2007 and currently has 10+ years field management experience with over 1,000 projects successfully executed. Aaron oversees the Project Management team of Gwendolyn Malinowski and Manuel Herrera. This team specializes in large multicultural intercept and onsite studies. This group prides themselves on their ability to manage large complex quotas while meeting tight timelines while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. One of the many Q-insights employees originally from Buffalo, NY, Aaron attended the University at Buffalo as well as Buffalo State College. He is a proud father to one son, two Australian Cattle dogs, and two rabbits. His favorite time of the year is football season.

Yaravit Rodriguez

Project Manager

Yaravit Rodriguez joined Q-insights in 2015 as a Project Assistant and was quickly promoted to Facility Coordinator. Her enthusiasm for client service and attention to detail helped her climb the ropes to Project Manager. Yaravit is bilingual in Spanish and English, an asset that supports our growing Hispanic business. In her free time, Yaravit enjoys makeup shopping, binge watching her favorite shows and spending quality time with her husband and two adorable sons.

Jason Heinl

Project Manager

Jason Heinl is a Project Manager at Q-insights. He joined the company in July 2014 as a Project Assistant and interviewer. His commitment to accountability as well as dedication to finding quality respondents earned him a promotion to Project Manager. Jason has a certain enthusiasm for automotive based research as he tends to spend most of his spare time reading car reviews and watching old Top Gear (UK) episodes and is a Lifelong Angelino.

Gwendolyn Malinowski

Project Manager

Gwendolyn Malinowski is currently a Project Manager at Q-insights. Originally from Buffalo, NY, she joined Q-insights in February of 2012. Gwen started as a recruiter and has worked her way up the ranks to her current position. A creative problem solver, there is no project too big or too small. She is a seasoned field manager that specializes in large multicultural F2F tracking studies and enjoys the more challenging projects. Gwen is currently back on the East Coast and enjoys running, and has completed several half and full marathons. She is a huge fan of the TV series Doctor Who, and even named her dog The Doctor.

Manuel Herrera

Project Manager

Manuel Herrera is a Project Manager at Q-insights. He joined the company in May 2013 as a Project Assistant and field interviewer. His dedication and willingness to help wherever he’s needed earned him a promotion to Project Manager in 2016. With experience in both quantitative and qualitative work, as well as specializing in on-site studies, makes him a great fit for our multicultural intercept and on-site team. Originally from Mexico, Manuel is fluent in both Spanish and English. Manuel is tech savvy and is always trying to keep up with new technology. In his spare time, Manuel enjoys going to the gym or binge watching his favorite shows. He is also an owner of two pet snakes.

Yvis Cannavale

Research Associate

Yvis Cannavale joined Q-insights in 2002 and has worked in market research since the 1990s. He is currently a Research Associate who is not only experienced at junior level moderation and executive-level recruiting but willing to do anything to support the success of our team. Whether it’s administering surveys in a moving car, intercepting passengers and interviewing them on the bus or conducting interviews over the phone, Yvis is the guy we turn to in order to make it happen. He also serves as a source for recruiting quality control. Yvis is a film buff, an area of expertise that helps in the validation of our plentiful entertainment industry projects. In his spare time, he can be found writing, online or hanging out with friends.

John Alarcon

Facility Coordinator

John Alarcon joined Q-insights in 2010 as an onsite Interviewer and became a Project Assistant within six months. His enthusiasm for client service earned him a promotion to Assistant Facility Coordinator in 2012. John brings his infectious energy and commitment to client service to everything he does. Originally from Glendale, California, John is bilingual in Spanish and English, has excellent communication skills and embodies the culture of hospitality we strive for at our facilities. John is an invaluable resource for bilingual validation and confirmation calls. When John is on the job, clients can count on being treated like royalty from the time they arrive until the time they leave.