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At Q-insights we like to believe we make the impossible possible. We take on projects others won't. With our vast experience and focus on low incidence recruiting, we shine in areas where others struggle.

The Q stands for quality.

When people think of Q-insights, often qualitative research comes to mind.  However, qualitative research only represents a portion of what we do, but we’re still proud to say it’s an area in which we truly excel.

Our progressive, youthful energy, coupled with over 40 years of experience, state-of-the-art focus group facilities, and world-class recruiting, Q-insights brings a unique combination of solutions to our clients and partners.


Multicultural Research

Field Management


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A Decades-Long Culture of Service

We are committed to delivering unparalleled service through every step of your project.  With creative problem-solving skills, there is no recruiting project that we can’t handle with extreme confidence and concrete results.

Modern, Creative Facilities

What you can expect from our spaces – state-of-the-art equipment, flexible configurations, highly-visible interview suites, luxurious lounges, spacious lobbies and full service kitchens.

Real, authentic respondents

We continuously monitor the recruitment history of everyone on our database, weeding out the “professional respondents,” dishonest people, and even those people who simply do not respond well in a focus group setting.

Multicultural Diversity

We’ve learned that it’s about earning trust and building rapport in settings which are most comfortable for respondents. True multicultural research is about understanding each cultural group’s identity and how to connect with them.