Q-insights offers a full suite of quantitative and qualitative tools, including our own focus group facilities — both located in Los Angeles, CA. We have a highly experienced team of multicultural research professionals, allowing you to have confidence that we can deliver your audience, even if they are hard to reach.

The Q-insights team members are experts at managing automotive research projects of all sizes. They include:


Car clinics

Usability tests

Focus groups

Online research

Quantitative telephone interviews

Qualitative telephone interviews

Ethnographic in-home research

What Makes Us Different

We shine in automotive research because of our ability to recruit a wide spectrum of owners — from basic entry-level vehicles up to exotic and high-performance sports and luxury vehicles. We can interview or recruit hundreds of car owners over a short period of time. Our skilled executive interviewers are respectful and courteous of each respondent’s time and opinions, allowing us to obtain open and honest feedback.

All of our automotive respondents go through a thorough screening. This ensures that they have the correct qualifying vehicle or purchase intent and that they can speak confidently regarding what they like and dislike.
We work from customer lists, our national database, referrals and trusted partners. We have recruited as many as 2500 automotive respondents in a single month.

Multicultural Research

We gather honest and accurate responses from multicultural communities by going directly to diverse neighborhoods. We are known for our intercept work in traditional and unexpected locations.

Think OUTSIDE the Mall.™

For example, when clients want to reach unacculturated Latinos or 1st generation Asians, we go to where they live and shop; Swap meets, laundromats and taquerias are just three examples of the places we successfully recruit. Experience, cultural understanding and the ability to successfully engage with the appropriate respondents set Q-insights apart.

  • Unsurpassed in our ability to deliver results on low incidence projects.
  • Excels in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.
  • Operate with virtually no geographic restrictions.
  • Strives to provide the right respondents for your study.
  • Thirty+ year history in multicultural research.
  • “We Think Outside the Mall”™ using methods beyond just mall interviewing
  • Large, reliable, experienced and vetted partner network, nationally.

Swap Meets



Field Management — it’s not only an art form we embrace, but it’s something we refer to as our masterpiece.

Our team coordinates and manages projects across the United States, as well as internationally. In fact, we’ve spent years building trusted partnerships outside of our local market to ensure we’re almost always able to give our clients a “yes” when they have a request.
In addition to establishing these partnerships, we constantly vet and challenge our partners to ensure we’re only working with the best.
From field locations to personnel, we look for partners who complement our own culture and desire to provide 100% satisfaction. Beyond our partnerships, we also select unique intercept locations, based on traffic, to target hard to reach respondents.
In the end, you can be confident that no matter if it’s one city or multiple locations across the globe, we manage every aspect of your field work on a daily basis to deliver on time and on budget.

Examples of areas where we excel

Intercepts at unique locations

On-site intercepts


Focus groups

Mall intercepts

In-depth interviews

Product placement studies

What do quality respondents mean to your project? Everything.

We take pride in the national respondent database we’ve built managed, constantly updated and continually refined over the years.
During the recruiting process we obtain detailed personal information allowing us to recruit very specific demographics.
We continuously solicit client feedback to improve respondent quality and eliminate all respondents who don’t respond well in an interview or group setting.
We thoroughly monitor the recruitment history of everyone in our database, weeding out the “professional respondents,” dishonest people, and those people who simply do not respond well in a focus group setting.

Client Lists

We view our database as a highly-valued asset. Our clients feel the same way about their customer lists. When they trust us to utilize their client list to conduct research on their behalf, we take great care to make sure that the list is kept confidential and safe. With strict security measures in place, we guard this asset as if it were our own.

We admittedly have a unique advantage, considering we’re located in the heart of Los Angeles. That makes it especially convenient for our respondents and enables us to build a rich database and with the top show rates in the city. In fact, with quality as our baseline, we’re proud to say that our database is bigger than the population of some U.S. states. It’s also extremely diverse, so we can not only deliver on the most specific requests, but also those emerging multicultural consumers that are so important to today’s business needs.